"As you are Light,
 So let your Light shine"
 "Karen Furr is an impeccable shamanic teacher and practitioner. She has a depth of knowledge and compassion that leads her students into the true meaning of the path of the shaman. I highly recommend her work to all looking to learn about shamanism and shamanic healing."

    - Sandra Ingerman, author of "Soul Retrieval", "Shamanic Journeying, and many more. 
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Soul Retrieval Training   
     Advanced shamanic skill building      February 11 - 14, 2024.   
     February 11 - 14, 2024.  

Mentorship:  Karen is offering mentorships for those who are on, or are interested in, a shamanic and/or Jesus path and want to connect with someone to share ideas, questions, and general "path issues" that come up.  Contact Karen

For those who are also on a Jesus Path, or just curious...  www.olota.net

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Remember, we are here to bring about a renewed relationship with all of creation.
To each a Gift is given.  
Be that Gift today.
Bless you.
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The website of Rev. Karen Furr msw
Inclusive Catholic priest,
 Teacher and Practitioner of
Heart-Centered Shamanism and Reiki
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"Spirit Drum" is a metaphor for bringing into Oneness the duality of "Heaven" (Spirit) and "Earth" (Drum).  In this time of transition and emergence through the chaos of new beginnings, the human family today is called toward being that bridge - connecting our spiritual and material selves.  Just as Earth herself is evolving, so we are a mirror of that evolution.

The Drum has been for thousands of years an instrument closely connected to the heartbeat of the planet.  The beat of the drum is the beat of the universe.  It speaks to us through the veils of time and space and calls us into the deeper reality of Oneness and limitless-ness. It is through the heart that this bridge is discovered and realized.