Soul Retrieval Training -  Advanced Shamanic Healing
This is an advanced training for practitioners skilled in shamanic journey work, and confident in the ability to work with one's helping spirits. Participants in this training must meet that criteria.

Begins Sunday, February 11  4:00 pm MST

Concludes: Wednesday, Feb. 14th 5pm MST


The nature of the work is such that participation for the complete training is required.  Please expect to attend all times.  Also, let the training be your primary focus.  Do not schedule other activities during this time. Please provide alternative care for your children, and leave pets at home. Allow this time to be one of integration and skill building..

Wear comfortable clothing.

Please bring the following:
 - blanket for laying on the floor  (If you would  like)
 - pillow to sit on or use while laying down
       (if you prefer to sit on the floor)
 - drum and/or rattle (if you have one)
 - bandana or other eye covering
 - special items to place in the circle for blessing.

Please do not wear any fragrances or oils. Thank you.

Light snacks and beverageswill be provided. 

It is important to not consume alcohol or any recreational substances the day before and during these days of training.

​Prior to the training, a zoom conference will be scheduled to discuss logistics and what to expect.

Contact Karen to apply and register.

[email protected]     928-606-4611
Taught by:    Karen Furr, Teacher and Practitioner of Shamanism and Reiki                  

Cost:  Sliding Scale       Payment Options
“It is our birthright to fully express our souls. Life without meaning equals despair. It is time for all to collect back our lost pieces and remember why we were born into this world. Then, we are truly healed and can live our lives in harmony and help others to do the same.”

  - Sandra Ingerman, Soul Retrieval - Mending the Fragmented Self